Biohydrodynamics Toolbox   

User's Guide

Getting Started Overview of the functions and features of the Biohydrodynamics Toolbox (BhT).
What is an articulated body?
Description of the animal-like robots BhT deals with.
An important notion: fluid's boundary All of the immersed objects are described by means of their boundaries within BhT.
How to write a DAT-File? The DAT-File containes all of the experiment's data.
The controls M-File M-File that drives the articulations of the articulated bodies.
Collisions Collisions between bodies may occure and are managed by BhT.
How to make movies? How to create animations.
Energy considerations Compute energy balance of the experiment.
Going further (seeking optimal stroke) How to get strokes optimized.
Some examples step by step BhT's tutorial.
About BhT's accuracy Some benchmarks to set BhT's solver.
References Some mathematical and physical articles related to fluid-structure.

2008 - A. Munnier and B. Pincon (Insitut Elie Cartan and INRIA Lorraine, Projet CORIDA, Nancy, France).